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حرف دل

A Story of Love(شنبه 88 خرداد 23 ساعت 2:11 صبح )

A Story of Love

The sound of the door, being close and open was informing the entering of the first costumer. I looked upward. I saw a swell woman who was closing the door. I put my head down, pull a piece of paper near myself with a jerk, and gazed at it idly.

The patter of the heels of her shoes was in long intervals and it showed that she was coming close carefully. When she was ahead of me, I put my head up gently. When I saw her face my face became hot and I shocked a little .This intrusive guest was from that kind of girls that seeing them even from a long distance could have a deep punch in their beholders. Especially it could attract young boys like me in first glance. I only could not find out why she had hidden this pretty face under a heavy makeup. It looked like that she had put a colorful mask on her face. But really we could find out her beauty even from behind this artificial colors and we could almost understand how is the harmony of her face.

For a few second we looked at each other and it was making a good feeling for me who had shocked at first .I uttered a sigh involuntary.

The girl who had felling like me until that time smiled a broke the sweet silent that was surrounded the room.

Hello…Excuse me is my seal ready?

Her soft and pleasant voice made me calm more but I was shocked yet. While I was trying to be polite, I said:

Hi,…fell fine? What was its text?

Name, nasrin sabeti

I put the box of ready seals on the table and skimmed one of them. After a short search, I found her seal and after checking it I gave it to her.

And this is your seal. Here you are. Do not forget the receipt.

And for this reason I looked at her again. Her big and bright eyes were looking at me from behind her sunglasses. I wish she put aside her glasses from in front of her eyes

Receipt ? Sorry I have forgotten it.

Then she smiled and continued:

Here you are. This is the receipt.

After she saw her seal, she smiled again and said:

Thanks a lot please give me a good stamp too.

I stood up, reached myself to the showcase, and picked up a stamp with a foreign mark and turned to her.

She was still fixing her eyes on me

 When she took, the stamp thanked me again and brought out a few green bills.

When she took rest of her money, she said goodbye and walked out, and I who was sat down on my chair again half raised involuntarily to watch her better and see is there anybody with her or not.

She went toward a yellow deluxe car. I stood up. there was nobody in the car. she got in the car went. After she had gone I sat on my chair and resumed what I was doing before it I tried not to think about that swell costumer.

As I had the experience, I have always tried not to think about anything except my own development and do not try to build castles in the air because all the exciting colors of this world was full of grief ,pain and tension for me.

I hurried toward the bathroom to turn on the samovar. On a side of the bathroom, there was a shabby place for dishes that all of the dishes including samovar was in it. I had to make tea before coming of the master to avoid starting the day with his peeving.

As he was late, I remembered the appearance of the last costumer involuntarily.

Her beautiful eyes which were gazing at me from behind of her glasses reminded me narges’s tearful eyes at behind of the windows of their house and brought me to those days and it’s flavors.

Narges was the daughter of our proprietor that we were his lodger about 10 years ago.

After death of my father, we get to change our rental house and find a cheaper one.

me, my mother and my younger brother kamran, who was nine years younger than me, had chosen that house for residence. Our main provision in those days was my father’s salary. We have spending those days so hard. But fortunately we did not any relative to spend extra money. We ate a little and clothed simply.

Our new lard lord’s wife was a warmhearted person, and after a short period, she started to come and go…

Akram came to our house, which was in upstairs almost every day. Sometimes she brought her only child narges with herself, and they were our only guests. In that time narges was a fifteen years old girl who was in first grade of high school.

It was only 3months after moving to our new house that I got the result of konkoor’s exam. I was accepted in a good field in one of public universities of Tehran. And after that narges and her mother always were coming to our floor and asked me to help her in courses that she didn’t pass.

Two mothers were in speaking with each other like always and I started to teach narges in her courses as a teacher.

Narges was a pretty girl and I was a spring chicken too. Sometimes it happened that akram has gone downstairs to do her housework but her girl has stayed there to review her so-call courses.

This close relation was caused us falling in love soon and instead of discussing about narge’s book problems  our thinking and speeches was about futures life and this kind of questions.

One of those days that we were all-out pally with each other after akram said goodbye to my mother went down, narges took away her books so fast and while she was so anxious and her cheeks were became red tried to say something.

Mehrad I say…..I mean…. Oh my god how can I tell this!

What? What do you want to say narges? Do not be ashamed!

Do you really want me?

I smiled and said: yes. Why not? You are both pretty and…..

And what mehrdad?

When I saw her new look, I laughed and said:

And you have red cheeks.

And after this unexpected word she burst out laughing and as she tried to spoil herself said:

Red cheeks? Let see. What is the property of red cheeks?

I took her books looked at it for a while, and while rolling it I answered quietly:

Well…I have always wished to have a pretty wife with red cheeks. Exactly like you!

By hearing, my words while she was ashamed again and her cheeks were became redder she bent her head a little and asked surprisingly.

Your wife? Do you really think that be could be a couple?

I said strongly.

Of course. I know you as my wife. It only depends on you to say yes..well do you want me surly?

She hesitated and put her head down and while she was moving her finger on the carpet said:

Of course, I want you. I’d love to be wife of a nice and good tempered boy like you.

I interrupted her and asked quietly:

Let see. Am I only nice and good tempered?

As she was looking at me surprisingly, she laughed and said:

Ok. You are handsome too but….


I have to satisfy my parents. They think I am a child. they still call me tiny narges.

Then her frowning disappeared, looked at me happily and continued:

Don’t worry I will satisfy them.

Ok. Let see what you would do.

But...I have nothing. Do you guess your parent would accept?

She thought for a while and said:

Well. When you have gone to university, you will get a part time job and gradually you can be rich. All the people are not rich in their marriage time do they? We will reach to everything step by step like others. Ok don’t mope more but promise me to love me like now forever. Well do you promise?

Yes honey, I promise but you have to promise to cook delicious foods.

Ok glutton! Every day I will cook a new food by reading the cookbook.

Don’t put yourself in trouble! I don’t like this foods anywhere. these common foods are better. Specially geyme[1].


Yes, that’s right. For example Saturdays potato geyme, Sundays eggplant geyme, Mondays chicken geyme , other four days are depend on you. cook everything that you wish!

Don’t shamed Mr. bashful…Tuesdays plum geyme, Wednesdays mushroom geyme and Thursdays...I don’t know. Something like these gravies of geyme and because Fridays are holiday we can go restaurant and order geyme and rice. Ha? How’s that?

Wow. I adore my dear housewife. If this would happen, I wouldn’t have any problem. pretty, reddish cheek and a perfect housewife. Well done.

1: geyme is kind of food that cooks in Iran

حرف دل(سه شنبه 88 خرداد 19 ساعت 10:20 عصر )

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